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The MODO is the future of cinematography tools for professionals and amatuers alike, providing panning and time-lapse functionality in a lightweight and modular track and dolly system. The self contained electronics system is wireless controlled, battery powered, and programmable to not only meet but exceed the needs of cinematographers and photographers.

The HighSpeed Photographic Trigger System is a universal device which allows the user to adjust for any photographic situation where the event occurs for only a fraction of a second. The shorter the duration of the event being photographed the greater the need for an automatic system to trigger the camera. While it may be possible to manually capture a high speed image, a dedicated device produces the best results which are consistently reproducible.

The QuadSync Photographic Trigger is a versatile device which allows four separate device such as cameras and flashes to be triggered either simultaneously or sequentially. Each trigger output can be finely adjusted to ensure the different devices trigger at the exact time they are needed.

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