QuadSync Photographic Trigger

The QuadSync Photographic Trigger is a versatile device which allows four separate device such as cameras and flashes to be triggered either simultaneously or sequentially. Each trigger output can be finely adjusted to ensure the different devices trigger at the exact time they are needed.

Example Applications

Dual Camera Synchronous Trigger for 3D Time-Lapse Photography
Simultaneous Multiple Camera Angle Triggering
Cascading Camera Triggering for Capturing Multiple Angles During an Event
Simultaneous Triggering for Complex Camera and Flash Setups


LCD Module and Six Button Interface
The device is programmed through an easy to use six button interface with the following actions: increase, decrease, next option, previous option, select, and cancel. These buttons control what is displayed on the LCD module and programs the device which triggers the connected advices accordingly.

Single Shot Trigger
The device can be used in single shot mode for photograph applications such as studio work and testing prior to a long term time-lapse operation.

Intervalometer Trigger
The device can be configured so that it takes pictures at the desired interval and duration.

Four Universal Outputs
Up to four peripheral devices can be connected to the QuadSync Photographic Trigger and configured to be triggered in the desired pattern that the situation requires.

Ordering Information

TechniCapture, Inc. is currently taking pre-orders from companies and individuals interested in purchasing the QuadSync Photographic Trigger. Please email ordering interest and any questions to orders@technicapture.com, thank you for your interest.

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