Projects Conducted by TechniCapture, Inc.

For this exercise a camera system will be created that will produce high resolution images for aerial photography from a high altitude model rocket. Each rocket has its own requirements, size, weight, and lift requirements, the system will be designed so it can be custom fitted to any rocket payload.

This project will involve creating specially shaped vessel that allows for a gradient of the liquid to be captured using a camera. Through image processing the properties of the liquid will be measured and referenced through a database.

With the progression of digital imaging and the drive for user/computer interaction there is a need for imaging to be applied to this application. This exercise will involve the use of digital cameras to three-dimensionally map an area. From this work any computer interaction situation that requires immersive input can take this image collection program and apply it to their needs.

In this project a digital streak/slit scan camera will be created starting from a linear sensor. It will involve choosing a sensor, communicating with the sensor, focusing the image with an optical system, downloading the image data, and designing a camera body to enclose the device.

This project uses time-lapse photography to determine the amount of sunlight which falls on an area during the course of a day. This can be used to aid in appropriate plant selection when adding or redesigning existing landscapes and gardens. The technical challenge with this project is creating an effective image processing algorithm to determine which areas are sunny on each photograph then combining them together to form a sun intensity model.

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