HighSpeed Photographic Triggering System

The HighSpeed Photographic Trigger System is a universal device which allows the user to adjust for any photographic situation where the event occurs for only a fraction of a second. The shorter the duration of the event being photographed the greater the need for an automatic system to trigger the camera. While it may be possible to manually capture a high speed image, a dedicated device produces the best results which are consistently reproducible. What makes this device different from what is currently on the market are the setting options available and the ease of the interface. The device will be capable of fully automatic plug and play operation for individuals new to high speed photography. For convenience the device will have both a wired connection and an infrared transmitter with manufacturer codes preloaded, allowing it to be connected to most camera equipment. More experienced users will have the ability to define the input and output signal characteristics along with the necessary delay or threshold levels to achieve the desired results. Regardless of the user skill level this camera trigger is a must for technical, scientific, and special effect photographers who want to achieve the best photographs possible of events not visible to the naked eye.

Example Applications

Ballistic Photography (Bullets, Rockets, etc.)
Stop Action Wildlife Photography
Special Effects Artistic Photography
Consistent Event Activated Camera Triggering
Time-Lapse and Intervalometer Photography

Trigger Specifications

Internal Light Sensor
The built in light sensor allows for the device to be triggered when ambient light exceeds the normal conditions. This makes it suitable as a slave unit for high speed flash applications due to a minimal delay time.

Internal Sound Sensor
The internal microphone allows for sound triggering of the attached devices. This is best used with ballistic applications where the target object must be imaged at a certain moment in time.

External Input Trigger
The external input feature allows for any desired input to be used with the system. It uses a standard connector so that external microphones, light detectors, optical gates, etc can be used with the triggering unit.

Input Signal Threshold
The device is equipped with a signal threshold which can eliminate false triggering due to normal ambient conditions and electronic noise within the system. There are two modes, auto and manual giving the user the ability to control the unit as required. The automatic mode uses an integration algorithm which averages the ambient condition and normalizes the input signal. A manual is available for users which require precise control of the triggering unit in complex imaging systems.

Optical Screens
There are two optical trigger inputs, OS1 and OS2. These pre-trigger inputs measure the time between the two impulses from the attached sensors. This allows the velocity of the target object to be calculated and the location within time to be determined. This causes the attached camera to be triggered and the image captured.

IR Output Trigger
This feature allows IR remote control equipped cameras to be remotely triggered by the device. The most common camera triggering codes are preloaded into the system and can be selected by the user.

External Output Trigger
This allows for the unit to be tethered to the desired imaging device via a wire. The connection into the triggering unit is standard allowing any camera system to be connected regardless of manufacturer or model.

Rechargeable Battery
The device comes equipped with a rechargeable battery built into the device which is powered by an included AC adapter. This allows the device to be used wirelessly in the field and plugged in while in the laboratory or studio.

LCD Screen
The input selection will be done digitally using an LCD display. This allows the precise time delay and thresholds to be selected and programmed into the system.

USB Connection/Wireless Connectivity
The device can be controlled via a wired or a wireless USB connection. This allows remote setting selection and arming of the unit. Making it sufficient for hazardous conditions where access to the unit is not possible. This also allows for system upgrades of the unit if needed for future functionality.

Digital Timing
The device uses a precise crystal oscillator and a uniform program cycle to ensure the timing of the unit is accurate. This eliminates the guess work commonly found in triggering units built with analog circuitry.

External Triggering Devices

Ordering Information

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